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MAD MAX - Beyond the Charging Point.

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Have you ever noticed how day to day technology influences film and TV. The mobile phone is perhaps the best example. It is very hard to imagine the 2002 thriller Phone Booth starring Colin Farrell working without the combination of both a mobile phone and the old tech phone booth.

Whatever technology we have in everyday life especially the internet and mobile phones play a significant part in the movies and television entertainment we watch. So I began to wonder what impact the electric car may have on some movie favourites. Can you imagine Mad Max tearing through a post-apocalyptic wasteland in search of a charging point? Would Marty McFly be stuck in 1955 because he couldn’t find a charge point for the DeLorean? Although a thunderstorm may help.

Will the Fast and Furious be faster but even more furious as their vehicles rapidly descend into limp mode? Imagine the Cannonball Run or the Gumball Rally being a carefully selected route across America from charge point to charge point.

Would Michael Caine shout, “You were only supposed to plug the bloody car in.” from his mini as it runs out of charge in Turin’s traffic? Perhaps the greatest car chase scene ever with Steve McQueen driving an all-electric mustang would be somewhat quieter without any roar from its exhausts.

Imagine Batman cursing because Alfred forgot to plug in the Batmobile. The classic Speed could have a new twist as Keanu Reeves tries to defuse the bomb on a bus before its battery runs out causing the speed to drop! Imagine Withnail stuck in his rural retreat due to lack of a charging point rapidly running out of wine and cannabis.

Electric cars may have a serious impact on our plot lines in the future. In the meantime I will revert to enjoying cars produced by the most prolific electric car manufacturer in the world…..Scalextric.

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