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These blogs are categorised in three ways:

Stories - these  are a mixture of factual and fictional stories and tales, old and new, some general and some personal.

Useful Information - these are designed to support people whether business and farm management, finance and money, or just by encouraging people to think different. They also touch on personal well-being.

Comment  - these are a combination of personal views and comments about various things as I see them especially, but not exclusively, rural issues. 

In addition is a category Marsh Fen and Town which are  blogs that are a redacted version of my book that explores history, stories and current connections between the town and countryside focusing on the South Lincolnshire area and adjacent fenlands. I will publish this if enough interest is created.

You can also use the search function to find posts that may be of interest.

Please feel free to email me to suggest subjects or to engage further



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