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The Improper Gardener's Club

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Apparently the world of horticulture and gardening is fraught with judgemental people calling gardeners out as not being "proper" gardeners.

In 1966 Colin MacInness stated, "..there is one art to speak of which evokes a sympathetic response in almost any surroundings: the art of gardening."

Where have we gone in the last 55 years that we find such a "sympathetic response" replaced by the accusation, "You are not a proper gardener."

Now I don't know what a proper gardener is, but I rather like the idea of being an "improper" gardener. It hopefully means I can do all sorts of outrageous things as letting my dandelions grow in the lawn whilst dancing around naked in gay abandon amongst the hollyhocks. I could even emulate the Queen of Hearts by painting the roses red. Lets mispronounce latin plant names, or, even worse, give a plant its own colloquial name that is unique to my garden! Lets plant cabbages and carrots amongst the flower beds. Let the grass grow tall. Preserve a slug and keep a hedgehog happy. This improper gardening sounds such fun.

To cap it all I propose the formation of the "Improper Gardener's Club" and elect James Wong as honorary president. Will you join me? I've bought the T-shirt!

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