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The Importance of Listening about Health and being Listened to.

The LRSN Health Hut
LRSN Health Hut

I have just been listening to Barbara Bray’s podcast about Women Positively Ageing and the first episode is about gut health. Now it may be a series targeted for women, but the reality is that this episode is equally of interest to men. Indeed, even if they were talking about a subject that only directly affects women such as menopause or endometriosis it is relevant for men to listen so that they can better understand the other half of the population and have empathy towards them. Its worth a listen and can be found on spotify:

It is a fact that most people do not talk about health with their partners unless one of them is either seriously ill or pregnant. Most people do not talk to each other about health. This applies to physical and mental health and where the two overlap. It is not normal for us to prioritise or make time to talk about our own health, about the big or little things that bother us.

This is where podcasts like this can be of service in providing a space for us to listen about health and especially in this case ageing. It is a simple fact the ageing is not a subject that is talked about. We are, in my opinion, more likely to talk about death, cancer or covid than we are about ageing. Yet ageing is all our journey through life and how well we do that journey to ultimate death is important to us all.

Yet having space and opportunity to be listened to about our health is equally important. This is where in Lincolnshire, the ability to pop into the LRSN health hut is so important. The LRSN health hut is a group of three nurses who attend various events and functions in a mobile hut, whether farm sales, seed trial grounds, or shows and offer free health checks. In addition they can be found at Spalding Produce Auction and Melton Mowbray market. It is so much more than the three basic health checks of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure, it is also those golden few minutes of being listened to and talk about any concerns you may have and what it pays to do next. There are very few areas where you can do this with such easy access. When was the last time someone listened to you about your health?

To find out where the next Lincolnshire Rural Support Network health hut is available look at their web site:

Or you can arrange to talk to an LRSN nurse online or on the phone by booking a slot to see them:

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