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My Only Post Looking at the Coming General Election

My only purpose of this post is to make a simple prediction that will either be right or wrong.

Labour will win the election, but it is inheriting such a mess that combined with fiscal restrictions and an institutional tying of government to Keynesian economics and years of underinvestment in infrastructure and people that it risks disappointing people.

Furthermore government from John Major onwards has repeatedly failed to grasp the nettle of providing this country with cheap or even affordable energy - this is the single biggest issue of our time regardless of your political, or environmental beliefs or colour and threatens national security, social mobility, industry and business.

This, combined with very poor politics and leadership in all parties means that, assuming Labour is successful, they will not be able to service the need that people feel for change quick enough. In addition, the fledgling and smaller parties have been caught out financially as a September election would have given them more time (you don't see many poor people become politicians).In five years time they will be better prepared. This means the subsequent govt may be a Labour minority one.

Ok therefore wonder if Kier Starmer is the next Ramsey McDonald and the need for a National Government or a Government of all the Talents will eventually come to the fore?

As for who to vote for - I urge voters to seek out good people for that is what we need.


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