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A Tale of Kenzie Thorpe the Wild Goose Man of Sutton Bridge

Updated: Jan 31

Kenzie had a capacity for mischief and sometimes resorted to trickery to inflate his reputation as “The Wild Goose Man.” as the following illustrates.

Kenzie and a young Holbeach wildfowler were walking along the sea bank following a morning’s goose flight. Between them they had shot four geese. Whilst they stood on the bank with their bag laid in the grass a group of wildfowlers with empty bags called across from a distance enquiring how Kenzie and his companion had done. As they were some distance off Kenzie advised his companion to do as he did. With that the two fowlers bent down, picked up a goose in each hand and displayed them proudly. They then placed these geese in the grass and repeated the exercise several times, sometimes swapping geese for appearances sake. Thus Kenzie and his companion were able to enhance their reputations as wildfowlers.

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