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A Puntgunners Tale

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

There is a type of elegance in the observations of the Victorian sportsman, and whilst “offpatch” in Scotland I find this account by E.T. Booth whilst punt-gunning in 1869 so charming I felt compelled to share it:

“ While waiting quietly under the shelter of the bank on the south shore of Loch Shin, the bows of the boat just touching the stones, a white hare came slowly down the moor to the water-side. After a few minutes she approached the punt and smelling it carefully, hopped right onto the deck. Here she appeared perfectly at home, turning her head from side to side and regarding us with the greatest unconcern. Having indulged at length in a sniff at the muzzle of the big gun, the scent of powder evidently proved distasteful, and a rapid retreat was made to the bank. Still puzzled by the aspect of the punt and its crew, she refused to quit the spot; and when at length we moved further west, she accompanied us on the loch side, stopping from time to time to gaze intently from the bank while the craft continued in view.”

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