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A Norfolk Game Stall December 1890

Updated: Jun 19

W Durrant’s Game Stall 8th December 1890

This game stall in Yarmouth market in 1890 was recorded to have the following dead birds for sale:

Tufted Ducks – several

Dabchicks – 3

Goldeneye Ducks - 3

Bewicks Swans mature – 2

Bewicks Swans immature – 1

Short-horned owls – 2

Red-throated Diver – 1

Duck Mallard – several

White-fronted Goose – 1

Waterhens and Coots – several

Snipe – several

Pochard and wigeon – several

Kestrel – 1

Goosander – 1

Curlews – 2

Water Rails – 12

Barn Owls -3

Numerous small birds, thrushes etc.

I can only cringe at seeing this list. But it has to be remembered, devastating though it is by today's standards, this was a source of livelihood and income for many in the Broads area that were on very low incomes.

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