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A Failed Ambulance Service Part 1.

East Midlands Ambulance Service has warned of slower response times during the strikes and in recent weeks. I guess some may not notice the difference as the service has been creaking for months. If you are in the southern most area of the county of Lincolnshire I guess in an emergency you have been fucked for months based upon Michael's experience.

A few months ago Michael was delivering medicines for the local doctors in Gedney Hill when he had a significant road traffic accident receiving injuries to his chest, head and arm. This location is on the southern edge of the EMAS area. An ambulance was called, and they were told no ambulance was available for up to six hours.

Michael was checked over by his doctor and did need hospital attention, but after he recovered from this worse was to happen.

Now we all know that if you suffer a stroke or heart attack, urgent attention makes a huge difference to whether you live die, or the quality of your recovery. Several weeks ago Michael suffered a stroke in the same geographical area. Despite the quick recognition of what was happening the ambulance took 4 hours on what could only be regarded as a high priority call. Whilst he has survived it is possible this delay has not helped his long term prognosis.

Now lets make it clear, there is not a single ambulance person or paramedic that goes to work not wishing to do the best for their patients. This is built into their DNA. Yet just imagine if you go through years of working for a declining service, seeing people suffer and possibly die because you are unable to do enough. On top of that your concerns are either not listened to or acted upon. You may tolerate low pay rises if you were listened to, appreciated and valued. Just imagine the impact on morale and the depths of resilience you need to keep going.

I put it to you that the strikes are about so much more than pay, but about morale and values and not being listened to. I will discuss this further in my next post.

In the mean time if you are in Gedney Hill and require an ambulance, better call a taxi.

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